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21.03.2012 в 16:35
Пишет tweed tea:

Дамы 50х
Мода 50х в фотографиях.
Мне очень нравятся эти дамочки в пышных юбках, причудливых шляпках, перчатках... Последние годы, а потом все, придут 60е с их бешеными цветами и миниюбками.

Karen Radkai for Vogue. February 1956. | Georges Dambier. Paris, 1953.

Georges Dambier. Paris, 1953.

Balenciaga evening gown, photographed by Henry Clarke, 1953

Georges Dambier. Paris, 1950s.

Mark Shaw

1950s day fashion photographed by Nina Leen.

Henry Clarke, 1950s

Fashion by Greta Plattry. Photo by Clifford Coffin, 1951.

Model Dorian Leigh wearing white organdy shirt with full print skirt by Ceil Chapman. Photograph by Gjon Mili. New York City, March 1950.

Model clad in elegant spring suit complete with perky hat. Photograph by Gordon Parks. Paris, February 1951.

A model posing in a cocktail dress designed by Ceil Chapman. Photograph by Nina Leen, 1950.

Dior 1950s

Fashion photography by Karen Radkai for Vogue, 1953.

Balenciaga, коллекция весна 1956

Bettina wearing a gown by Maggy Rouff, 1952. Photo by Henry Clarke.

Chanel dress, photographed by Mark Shaw, Paris, 1955

Photograph by Nina Leen, November 1950.

Suzy Parker in 1950s fashion

Model in a Balenciaga evening gown. Photo by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar UK, 1950.

Models showing off five ball gowns designed by Jacques Fath at a fashion show. Photograph by Gordon Parks. Paris, February 1951.


Audience at the Christian Dior fashion show. Photograph by Howard Sochurek. Moscow, Russia, June 1959.

College fashion in Vogue Paris, 1951.

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